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Hello Paw Patrol Partners!


April 17, 2016


SUPER CLINIC... It was a Great Big Success!

We successfully completed a large clinic with over 70 animals, most of which were street animals; that makes me very happy.

Two days, two vets, two techs and many volunteers. We helped 63 dogs, 4 cats, some severe mange cases we are treating, some malnutrition issues we are working on, 1 cherry eye, 1 surgery, 1 very sick puppy we need to pray for.


Where do I even start to thank people? You have all helped tremendously. Thanks to Phillip Veernoff Negril Yacht Club, Christine @The Spa Retreat , Mike @White Sands, Delia & Stephan @German Bar, Mary Veira, Winthorpe Wellington & Travelers for all your donations.


Now the volunteers Patricia Gayle and Orbra Harold on Intake, Sheryl Stark and Debbie Persaud, who are the Queens of Recovery. Leanne, Tiny, Syke's son all helped in recovery Sabine Bolenius who shows up every clinic no matter how tired she is.. Pete and Jason who helped lift and worked in Preop.  Special thanks to the young men who came out and were a huge help .Q stick, Pirate and Kwako the pick-up and delivery squad, they rounded up and delivered dogs to and from the clinic. Everyone in the recovery room, it was truly a team effort. Dr. Rohan Smith, Dr. Mathew Brown, Jay, and Dwayne. Little Bay Crew.  Father James Bok, Taylor Cooney, Diane Endeavour, Micheline Gauthier who show up at every clinic just to give us support. 


I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I could not do this without all of you. We rocked it as a Community. The best part was 80% of the animals were street animals.

If I forgot anyone, please accept my apologies.


Due to this Super Clinic, you can understand that we have depleted many of our supplies. Here is a list of things that we could use. Many people have found that their own Veterinarians are more than generous donating to our clinics.

Frontline or anything similar ie revolution
Flea collars, or Protector Spray
Small and medium dog collars and leashes (none left at all)
Muzzles any size
Dawn Dish Detergent Blue (none left)
Prescription bottles to put the Dawn in
Ear cleaner 
Latex gloves
Hand sanitizer
Wound powder
Sutures (none left at all)
Gauze and cotton balls
Newspapers from our local supporters

Head lamps for the vets to use
Instruments (have your vets look in there storage areas for the ones they don't use anymore).


And of course,


MONEY (the cost of the drugs and material to do this large clinic is about $3000.00 US, so we have used up most of our money resources too.)

We could also use some form of Tattoo or way to identify the dogs we have already done...any suggestions?




Debbie April 2016

April 9, 2016 

Hello Paw Patrol Partners!

Many things have gone on in the last 2 months. 

First, I would like to tell 
you of the new partnership we have with the JSPCA. They have been coming to Negril weekly to help with everyone's animal needs as well as doing spay and neuter to those who need. So far, we have done 4 weeks’ worth, we have spayed and neutered about four animals per clinic. Plenty of hurt animals are checked and helped as well. We also have many animals coming for shots, boosters and checkups. 

This has been a great help with the street animals as they can now get consistent care. It also helps us to keep up with the spay and neutering so it is not so overwhelming. 

As you all know, these clinics are not free. We receive a discounted rate, which helps us help the animals. A small clinic is costing us about $300.00 USD. 

Next, I would like to acknowledge the sponsors of our past clinics. A big thank-you goes from us to you! 

     Thank you to The Spa Retreat for the donation of lunches. 
     Thank you to Rayon Hotel for the donation of lunches. 
     Thank you to German Bar who donated lunches as well. 
     Thank you to Swept Away for the donation of rooms. 
     Thank you to Pat Gayle for the donation of lunches. 
     Thank you to Gail Jackson at Treehouse resort for the donation of rooms for our vets. 
     Thank you to the Paw Patrol drivers, recovery team, transporters, walkers, and pickers. 
     Thank you goes out to the Yacht Club for allowing us to do super clinics and Spay a Stray Day. 
     Thank you goes to Summerset Village for allowing us to have our weekly JSPCA clinics. 

We are very grateful for anyone who has volunteered their time, money, yard, and heart. Pulling together for a common issue we all believe in is very motivating. It makes us want to continue to help more and more. The clinics need you, the community, to make it a success... 

Here is a list of items that the clinic always needs; 
       pill bottles 
       margarine/plastic tubs 
       small & medium collars and leashes 
       chew toys 
       headlamps so the Vet can see better when operating 
       Dawn Blue Dishwashing Detergent 
       Food & Money....are always appreciated... 

As well as our weekly clinics, we are having a Spay A Stray starting on Friday April 15th. We are doing a one-vet clinic on Friday the 15th and a two-vet clinic on Saturday the 16th . I need food, rooms, newspaper, and drivers, but mostly I will need donations to pay for the strays to be spayed and neutered. This Spay A Stray Day is being held at the Yacht Club. 

Also, JSPCA has in desperate need of NEWSPAPER...please if you have some I would be happy to pick it up. 

Thanks for your continued support! 

♥Deb and the dogs of Negril 

Introducing Bi-weekly Spay and Neuter Clinic

Debbie L.March 2016


Big, big news friends!


In collaboraton with the JSPCA, we are going to have bi-weekly spay clinics. Please text or email us urto arrange an appointment time. No phone calls. (876) 845-5996

8th Spay and Neuter and Feral Cat Clinic

Debbie L. February 2016


Our next scheduled Spay & Neuter Clinic will be held on  February 17, 18, 19 and 20. Please text or email us to arrange an appointment time. No phone calls. (876) 845-5996

7th Spay and Neuter Feral Cat Clinic

Debbie L. May 2015


Our next scheduled Spay & Neuter Clinic will be held on May 5, 2015. Please call us to arrange an appointment time.

6th Spay and Neuter Clinic

Debbie L. March 2015


Our next scheduled Spay & Neuter Clinic will be held on April 10th, 2015. Please call us to arrange an appointment time.

Supplies We ALWAYS Need

Debbie L. January, 2015


People are always asking if there is anything needed besides money. The answer is YES!


  1. Newspapers - we can never have enough.

  2. Blankets - Plenty of times, puppies or kittens are delivered to us in a box. Something a little soft is nice.

  3. Rubber gloves - the medical, form-fitting ones, preferably medium and large in size.

  4. Sutures, size ___ ___and  _____

  5. Paediatrics Butterfly IV Size _____________

  6. Iodine 99%

  7. Dawn dish soap - preferably the blue (kills fleas instantly)

  8. Papertowels

  9. Purell or somekind of alcohol hand sanitizer

10. Collars, leashes, dog/cat food, formula powder.




Listed Feeding Stations

Debbie L. January 2015


Here is a partial list that I am compiling of the current feeding stations in and about Negril. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer to upkeep one of these stations or may know of one that needs to be added to the list.


1. Sommerset Lane, between ____________.

2. Hylton Avenue, near Just Natural



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